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Nechville Banjos East

At Turtle Hill Banjo Company

Specializing in New/Used Nechville Banjos Sales, ​Service, Repair, Trade-in, and Accessories.

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About Us

Nechville Banjos East is located at the Turtle Hill Banjo Company in ​beautiful Annapolis, Maryland. We specialize in the sales, service, ​and setup of Nechville Banjos. We are a resource for accessories ​and lessons, and we embrace our strong musical community.

Tom Nechville (Sisters, Oregon) is the creator of the unique ​Nechville Helimount system, a radical reinvention of banjo design ​and technology.

Replacing more than seventy parts of a traditional banjo, the ​Helimount body tightens the head with a simple 2 part mechanism. ​It is similar to twisting a jar into is lid; greatly reducing the setup ​time and improving the banjo's sound for a more enjoyable playing ​experience.

Banjo players who have embraced Nechville’s cutting-edge designs ​include Steve Martin, Bela Fleck, Noam Pikelny, Alison Brown, Tim ​Carter, Emily Robison (Dixie Chicks), Enda Scahill (We Banjo 3), ​Claudio Parravacini (Milan Italy), and Billy Failing (Billy Strings).

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Join the Revolution

We have 25+ various Nechville ​Banjos in stock. Contact via ​email or phone to inquire. We ​offer in-person or virtual ​appointments 7 days a week.

Annapolis Bluegrass is a ​community of acoustic / ​bluegrass music in the ​DC/MD/VA region. Visit their ​website to learn more about ​jams, concerts, workshops, ​clinics, retreats, festivals, and ​more.

*Check out the First Annual ​Chesapeake Wintergrass ​Festival - Jan 31-Feb 2, 2025.

Started in 1989, Turtle Hill Banjo ​Company has been the top ​distributor for Nechville Banjos ​for decades. Personal, one-on-​one service is a top priority.

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Visit the Shop

Inky Sketch Banjo

Washington D.C. - 35 Minutes

Baltimore - 30 Minutes

Philadelphia - 2 Hours

Richmond - 2 Hours

Inky Sketch Banjo

Minutes away from downtown ​Annapolis, Maryland, BWI airport, ​and walkable to stunning views of ​the​ Chesapeake Bay

Inky Sketch Banjo

Open by appointment only. Enjoy ​our one-on-one service with an in-​pe​rson or virtual appointment

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Customer Testimonials

Nechville Banjos East - Sales/Service/Education

Nechville Banjos East is ​where I got my Nechville ​Phantom and it is the most ​amazing banjo I’ve ever ​own​ed!

- Mark from ​Pennsy​lvania

I have tears of joy, ​throughout the day over ​and over. Nechville Banjos ​East provided me with a ​banjo and a ​homecoming...I felt I was ​back home!

- Jamie from ​Vi​rginia

Thanks so much for ​putting the banjo ​workshop together. I came ​out feeling super inspired!​

- Linda from ​Mary​land

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Nechville Enterprise

Compensated Bridges -

All Sizes

Nechville Thumbscrew

Nechville Comfort

Bevel Armrest

Nechville Warp-Drive

Pickup System

Steel Ball Bearings -

Set of 10


20 Hole

Bronze Tone Ring

Nechville In-Line


Nechville Heli-Mount


Nechville Timber-Tronic

Tone Ring

Nechville Hybrid

Tone Ring

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Contact Us


Nechvil​le Banjos Eas​t

P.O. Box 841

Edgewater, ​Maryland 21037

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(5​70) 269 - 5330

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